Yellowjeff's Chinese family name
is yellow.


Yellowjeff was born in Taiwan in 1984, Yellow is his family name in Chinese. Yellowjeff’s foray into art came to a dramatic halt when he was a child after his school teacher found a portrait he had drawn of him and slapped him hard across the face. It wasn’t until he attended university that he undertook life drawing lessons, as he studied communication design in Shih Chien University in Taiwan. He found drawing the face to be the most interesting aspect of drawing due to the way it deals with expression. One day after class he was asked by a classmate to draw his portrait, then more and more people around him started requesting them. This began his devotion to portraiture.

Yellowjeff’s work has been influenced by Ken Done, Egon Schiele, Andy Warhol and Expressionism. He mixes traditional drawing materials that create a symbiotic result in application. Oil paint mixed with crayon and watercolours are applied together through different techniques, that mesh and drip whilst taking on different aspects of his friends and celebrities personalities. He achieves vividness that is inspired by surroundings of his new city, Sydney.

Yellowjeff has also “drawn” in films, and his film “Children” has won and been selected to several film festivals around the world.

Yellowjeff currently works as a webdesigner which he undertakes in pursuit of his other passion - the internet.